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SPRINGBORE – PRIVATE WATER SUPPLY TECHNOLOGIES are a specialist engineering company offering customers bespoke solutions to their borehole & spring water supply and treatment needs.

Our knowledge of this industry has been built over a many years in a number of fields. Our team have a vast experience of Engineering, Construction, Water Treatment and Project Management to name a few. We believe this sets us apart from the competition and that our offering is unique and unrivalled within the water supply and treatment sector in the UK.

We provide our customers with a full package, project managed throughout to give minimum disruption. From the site survey, through to a safe and clean water supply, we arrange all aspects of the installation. This could be borehole drilling or spring water catchment and tanks, any required ground or construction works, water analysis, system design and installation, along with ongoing servicing and maintenance. We do it all.

We offer a detailed report for each of our customers enquiries,  we undertake site surveys to obtain the necessary information, allowing us to provide reliable solutions and costs saving to your water supply and treatment requirements.

Springbore take pride on being customer focused, treating every enquiry individually to offer the most practical cost effective solution for your water needs.

We hope you find our Website useful and informative and if you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you have a Private Water Supply you are part of an exclusive group of around 1% of the population in the UK.

The water quality from borehole, spring and surface derived supplies such as wells and streams can vary enormously. Some provide water that looks and tastes good but the vast majority contain contaminants that can be harmful to health or cause cosmetic damage to sanitary ware. Discoloured water may cause you embarrassment when guests visit and if bacteria is present could cause a health risk especially to the elderly, young or people of poor health.

Private water supplies may be flagged up on searches when selling your property especially if a mortgage is required by potential buyers. This could cause delays or failure of the sale if the water does not meet standards.

Your local councils environmental health department may periodically test your water for compliance. They will probably take a water sample, generally at your tap, for analysis at an accredited laboratory. If the analysis shows failures or any part of your system from catchment to tap causes concern they can issue improvement notices.

We can provide treatment equipment for almost every PWS. As all sites and supplies differ there is rarely an ‘off the shelf’ solution. Many variables need to be considered to have a system which is effective and reliable. These considerations include

  • Levels of contaminants to be reduced in the water.

  • The amount of treated water required i.e number of consumers (human/cattle etc). A rule of thumb is 1 person will typically use 160 litres of water per day with peak demand on a morning and evening.

  • Location of the equipment – Inside house or outbuilding. Both have pros and cons. In house will take up valuable space, possible noise from pumps and also servicing could be more difficult. Systems outside will require protecting from the weather i.e frost so insulating/ heater & frost stat.

  • Water yield – (the amount of water available from source.) Especially important if you have a filter with a backwash/regeneration feature.

  • Power supply and drains.

We offer a free site survey across the North of England and Wales to fully understand your requirements. We can carry out on site water tests for pH, Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) hardness etc, although would recommend that a full accredited laboratory analysis is obtained, which we can also conduct for you. This will have a breakdown of the full mineral and bacteriological content. Those further afield we can advise, spec and supply equipment based on information available to us about your water supply. 



We aim to reduce your existing expenditure. We will beat any genuine quotations for equipment or servicing.


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We are highly qualified, experienced and leaders in Private Water Supplies.


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