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SPRINGBORE – PRIVATE WATER SUPPLY TECHNOLOGIES are a specialist engineering company offering customers bespoke solutions to their borehole & spring water supply and treatment needs.

Our knowledge of this industry has been built over a many years in a number of fields. Our team have a vast experience of Engineering, Construction, Water Treatment and Project Management to name a few. We believe this sets us apart from the competition and that our offering is unique and unrivalled within the water supply and treatment sector in the UK.

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Springbore Ltd, a specialist in private water supply technologies, offers bespoke solutions for borehole and spring water supply and treatment. With expertise in various fields, including Engineering, Construction, Water Treatment, and Project Management, the company stands out in the UK water supply and treatment sector​​.

Private water supplies, crucial for many, are not provided by statutory water undertakers and require careful management due to their variable quality. Responsibilities for these supplies lie with their owners and users, with local authorities regulating them. Springbore emphasises the importance of protecting the water source from contamination, installing and maintaining appropriate treatment systems, ensuring adequate disinfection, and safe storage and distribution​​.

Springbore Ltd tailors filtration to specific productivity needs, offering services like free site surveys, designing, installing, and maintaining water treatment equipment. Their equipment range includes cartridge housings and elements, systems for Iron & Manganese removal, turbidity reduction, pH correction, water softeners, UV sterilization, reverse osmosis water, borehole and booster pumps, and water storage tanks​​.

The company, based in Queensbury, West Yorkshire, has a reach extending across Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Cumbria, The Lake District, and Northumberland, serving a wide range of clients​​.

Springbore’s commercial water treatment solutions cater to diverse applications such as caravan/camping parks, hotels, hostels, bed & breakfasts, public houses, residential care & education centers, stately homes, and rural domestic housing developments. They also serve the textile manufacturing industry, demonstrating their versatility in addressing different commercial water treatment needs​​.

In the agricultural sector, Springbore provides tailored water treatment solutions for pastoral and arable farming applications, including dairy, beef cattle, sheep, poultry, and food processing & wash down. This highlights their ability to meet the unique water treatment requirements of the agricultural industry​​.

Overall, Springbore Ltd’s comprehensive approach to private water supply technologies, covering installations, maintenance, testing, and repairs for a diverse range of applications, reflects their commitment to delivering reliable and effective water treatment solutions across various sectors.

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