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SPRINGBORE – PRIVATE WATER TECHNOLOGIES are a specialist engineering company offering customers bespoke solutions to their private water supply and water treatment needs.

Our knowledge of this industry has been built over a many years in a number of fields. Our team have a vast experience of Engineering, Construction, Water Treatment and Project Management to name a few. We believe this sets us apart from the competition and that our offering is unique and unrivalled within the water supply and treatment sector in the UK.

If you have a Private Water Supply you are part of an exclusive group of around 1% of the population in the UK.
The water quality from borehole, spring and surface derived supplies such as wells and streams can vary enormously. Some provide water that looks and tastes good, but the vast majority contain contaminants that can be harmful to health or cause cosmetic damage to sanitary ware. Discoloured water may cause you embarrassment when guests visit and if bacteria is present could cause a health risk especially to the elderly, young or people of poor health.
Private water supplies may be flagged up on searches when selling your property especially if a mortgage is required by potential buyers. This could cause delays or failure of the sale if the water does not meet standards.
Your local council’s environmental health department may periodically test your water for compliance. They will probably take a water sample, generally at your tap, for analysis at an accredited laboratory. If the analysis shows failures or any part of your system from catchment to tap causes concern, they can issue improvement notices.

We can provide treatment equipment for almost every PWS. As all sites and supplies differ there is rarely an ‘off the shelf’ solution. Many variables need to be considered to have a system which is effective and reliable. These considerations include

• Levels of contaminants to be reduced in the water.
• The amount of treated water required i.e number of consumers (human/cattle etc). A rule of thumb is 1 person will typically use 160 litres of water per day with peak demand on a morning and evening.
• Location of the equipment – Inside house or outbuilding. Both have pros and cons. In house will take up valuable space, possible noise from pumps and also servicing could be more difficult. Systems outside will require protecting from the weather i.e frost so insulating/ heater & frost stat.
• Water yield – (the amount of water available from source.) Especially important if you have a filter with a backwash/regeneration feature.
• Power supply and drains.

We offer a free site survey, system design and quote for to fully understand your requirements. (across the north of England & Wales). We can carry out indicative on site water testing although we always recommend that a full analysis is carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory for a full mineral and bacteriological content. We can conduct all of this for you.

The most common problems on Spring Water Supplies are:

Aggressive and corrosive acidic water due to a low pH.

Signs of the problem – Pin hole leaks on metal pipes, blue/green staining from the corrosion of copper pipes, brown staining from the corrosion of iron pipes, bitter or metallic tasting water. The corrosion of copper pipe can lead to levels of copper in the drinking water that exceed health guidelines.

Solution. Install a pH correction filter. The correct type of pH correction unit will need to be specified based on the feed water quality, water flow rates and water demand. Most commonly a backwashing filter vessel is used but a in/out upflow vessel is also an option if site conditions allow. There are several pH elevation medias available which are calcium and magnesium based. Depending on the level of pH elevation required, they can be used alone or as a mixture of 2 medias.

Commonly used pH elevation medias include Juraperle, Corrosex, pHlocrite and Calcite.

Iron and/or Manganese

Signs of the problem – Brown staining from the presence of iron, black staining or deposits from the presence of manganese, the discolouration is often increased when the water is left to settle and oxygen causes the iron and manganese to precipitate from solution (noticeable in water tanks, toilet cisterns and drinking bowls/troughs. Metallic tasting water is a common sign of heavy metals in the water, often described as tasting like, blood or rusty nails. High levels of iron and manganese can cause health problems and foul pipe and appliances.

Solution. Install an iron/manganese reduction filter. The correct type of iron/manganese reduction unit will need to be specified based on the feed water quality, water flow rates and water demand. A backwashing/regenerating filter vessel would be used. There are two main approaches to iron and manganese reduction. Firstly, oxidisation by way of either a contact assembly (oxidiser) before the iron/manganese reduction vessel or an air draw valve adapted to the electronic control valve. These medias require a pH of 7 for iron reduction and 8 for manganese reduction. The second approach is ion exchange / base exchange which regenerate on a brine solution (sodium chloride) and also softens the water. Ion exchange requires a clear water for reliable results and often the pH requirement isn’t as critical with much less water discharged to drain than an oxidising system. For high levels of iron and manganese a zeolite type media or mixed media ion exchange resin can be used. For low levels of iron or manganese often a standard base ion exchange resin can be used. Commonly used iron/manganese reduction medias include Filox, Pyrolox, and BIRM for the oxidising technique and Crystal Right CR100 (pH above 6), Crystal Right CR200 (pH above 7), Ecomix for ion exchange systems.

Hardness and Limescale

Signs of the problem – Clogged pipes or limescale build up on taps, scale in the bottom of kettles, water spots on glassware or after washing vehicles.

Solution. Install a water softener. The correct type of water softener will need to be specified based on the feed water quality, water flow rates and water demand. A regenerating filter vessel would be used. A simplex water softener will require a shutdown period to regenerate (usually during the night when there is no demand), a duplex system allows for a continuous supply of conditioned water 24 hours a day. A water softener regenerates on a brine solution (sodium chloride).


Signs of the problem – Cloudy, murky or discoloured water. This can be caused by suspended solids in the water, rain water runoff, or the presence of heavy metals.

Solution. Install a Turbidity reduction filter. The correct type of turbidity reduction unit will need to be specified based on the feed water quality, water flow rates and water demand. A backwashing filter vessel would be used. Commonly used turbidity reduction medias include Turbidex, Filter Ag & Filter AG+, Gravel, sand and Anthracite.

Organic Colour – Tannins

Signs of the problem – Discoloured water from decayed vegetation or organic matter, usually from peatland, mires or bogs. The discoloration is usually worse after rainfall. The level of colour can be from a pale straw colour to deep yellow colour, similar to apple juice. Discolouration from tannins is not to be confused with iron presence in the water.

Solution. If the colour is very slight in some instances carbon filtration can be used. Carbon requires a very slow flow rate for colour reduction and can exhaust rapidly allowing the colour to pass again. The preferred approach to colour reduction is to use an organic scavenger/tannin filter. A tannin filter uses a specially selected anion resin which has an affinity to tannins, and regenerates on salt (using the chloride) to remove the colour.

Bacteria / pathogens

Blackcomb 5 UV Springbore 001

Bacteria should be tested for by carrying out a laboratory analysis. Our advice is that if you have a private water supply you should have a UV steriliser installed. Even if an analysis shows that bacteria isn’t present in your water, you must bear in mind that the analysis was a point in time test and doesn’t show if bacteria is present at other times.

Solution. Install an Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System. A correctly sized UV steriliser will protect your private water supply from microbiological contamination. UV kills bacteria (E.coli, Coliforms etc.) mould, algae and virus contamination without adding chemicals – preserving the water’s natural taste and healthy minerals. All UV units should be installed with a pre-filter, often in the form of a cartridge filter. The pre-filter removes the larger particulate from the water, preventing the effect called “shadowing” whereby bacteria can pass through the water in the “shadow” of small debris.

Existing Systems Supplied by Other Companies

Springbore Ltd install and maintain Private Water Supply Systems installed by us and by other water treatment companies. We regularly receive calls from customers unhappy with there current service provider. We are always happy to give friendly, expert advice and happy to quote for servicing and repair work.


Why Choose Springbore Ltd?

Having over 15 years’ experience has given us ample time to refine and hone our products, processes, systems, virtually every element of our business. We take great pride in our work as can be seen in the photographs of our installations. Not only are our installations functional, providing a clean and safe water, but they are also installed to the highest quality standards. All pipework installed neatly, with straight lines, bracketry and pipe clips where required, isolation valves to enable easier servicing and periodic maintenance. All equipment is installed to the manufacturer’s specification in the correct flow path.

We regularly see equipment installed by others out in the field and on social media sites, which is incorrectly specified for contaminant levels, backwash and service flow rates, installed in the incorrect orientation so having a huge effect on efficiency, little or no isolation points and very untidy with the potential of failure due to unsecured pipes suffering from mechanical fatigue.
In summary if you need the system to work correctly and look ‘the part’ call Springbore. See our work.

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