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The Summer is an Ideal Time to Have a New Borehole Water System Installed

Borehole Water Systems for 2024 and beyond

When you own a farm or rural property in the North UK, securing a reliable source of clean drinking water is not just a matter of convenience but a necessity. Springbore Ltd, with extensive experience in water treatment and borehole installations across areas from the Peak District to the Scottish borders, argues that summer is the ideal season to consider installing a new borehole water system. This strategic timing not only ensures smooth installation processes but also prepares your property for year-round water supply needs.

Why Choose Borehole Water Systems?

Before delving into why summer is the best time for these installations, let’s explore the core benefits of borehole water systems:



Borehole water systems offer independence from public water supplies, providing rural properties with control over their water source. This autonomy is particularly beneficial in remote areas where water supply can be inconsistent.



After the initial investment, the cost of extracting groundwater is significantly lower than paying for volumetric water supply from local utilities. This makes borehole systems economically advantageous in the long term.


Quality and Purity:

Water from deep underground is often purer than water supplied through municipal systems, which may have travelled through old, potentially contaminated pipes. Borehole water typically requires less treatment, providing access to cleaner water.


Environmental Benefits:

Using groundwater can be more sustainable than relying on surface water sources, which are more vulnerable to pollution and climate variability. Borehole systems often have a lower ecological impact, making them a greener choice for eco-conscious property owners.


Optimal Timing: Why Summer?

Installing a borehole during the summer months offers several practical advantages:


Better Weather Conditions:

The likelihood of facing delays due to bad weather (such as heavy rain or frost) is significantly reduced in summer. Dry ground conditions are more favorable for the drilling equipment and help speed up the installation process.


Early Detection of Water Needs:

Summer is typically when water usage is at its highest, due to irrigation, watering of livestock, and increased domestic use. Installing a borehole in summer helps property owners better understand their peak water needs and ensures the system’s capacity meets these demands.


Preparation for Winter:

By installing a borehole in summer, you ensure that any teething problems can be addressed without the pressure of immediate high demand. This readiness is crucial as winter approaches when water supply issues can become more problematic.


Regulatory and Planning Processes:

The planning and regulatory approvals for water extraction can be time-consuming. Starting in the summer allows you to navigate these hurdles with sufficient time to have your system fully operational before the end of the year.


Springbore Ltd: Your Partner in Borehole Installation

Choosing Springbore Ltd as your borehole installation partner brings numerous benefits:


Expertise and Experience:

With over 15 years in the industry, our team has the expertise to ensure that your installation is handled professionally and efficiently.


Comprehensive Service Area:

Covering from the Peak District to the Scottish borders, our teams are knowledgeable about regional water table levels and environmental regulations, ensuring that your borehole complies with all local standards.


Dedicated Maintenance Teams:

Our three maintenance teams are always on the road, providing timely and effective support whenever you need it.


Tailored Solutions:

We understand that each property is unique. Springbore Ltd provides customised borehole solutions that optimally match the specific water needs of your property.


Ready to Upgrade Your Water System?

Investing in a borehole water system during the summer months is a proactive step towards ensuring a reliable and clean water supply for your rural property. With Springbore Ltd, you can rest assured that your water system installation will be a smooth and rewarding process.

Contact Springbore Ltd today to schedule your summer installation. Prepare your farm or rural property not just for the coming winter, but for many years of secure, clean water supply. Don’t wait until you face a water scarcity issue; act now and secure your water independence with a state-of-the-art borehole water system.


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